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Date: 9/20/10

I started working on a concept with Jay Inafuku to help my office (Vocational Management Consultants, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors) 3 years ago when I finally felt that we could finance a system of writing reports on our clients more efficiently. The system would make the billing and the process of writing reports less cumbersome and less time wasted by trying to decipher our staff’s handwriting. I knew how it was to have such a system; I just did not know how to go about it.

Jay and his staff were able to put the system together after working closely with me and my staff. The system went “live” in March of 2010, and we have worked through the “learning curve” but since Jay was always getting us to play with the system throughout the process, I believe the “learning curve” time period was not as difficult as we initially thought it would be.
For non-computer techies such as we were, the system now has reduced time spent on going back and forth to the case material, has moved us to document our cases better and considerably reduced time spent on billing and handwriting issues. We have reduced HOURS of work doing the verification of the billing and we now can spend more time on the important stuff like doing our work efficiently and getting home on time and being with our families.

Now that can’t be beat! Thank you Jay and MPower!!


Laurie H. Hamano, M.Ed. CRC, MHC
President of Vocational Management Consultants Inc.