mPower Hawaii Testimonials
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mPower Hawaii Testimonials
Certified Management, Inc.
Vocational Management Consultants Inc.
Island Partners Hawaii
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We are committed to work with your team to develop the solution that's right for you! Here are some testimonials from our customers.

Here are some of our FileMaker clients with a few testimonials below:

Certified Management, Inc.

Vocational Management Consultants, Inc.

Island Partners Hawaii

Healthcare Association of Hawaii

Maui Police Department (MPD)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Honolulu Community College (HCC)


mPowerHawaii (MPH) has been assisting with Certified Management’s IT needs for many years and since 2003 designed and developed enhanced programs using Filemaker as the platform. The difference with MPH is service and how they interact with the people; they even speak our language rather than theirs which makes it easier.

They give their undivided attention and we often times forgot that they have other clients; not only us.  They spoiled us with their timeliness, responsiveness and I guess it eventually became known that it’s just how they are and a part of how they do business.  As entrepreneurs, they certainly do empower people with technology. Time is money and these programs provide instantaneous results.

· CHAMP (Certified Hawaii Annual Meeting Program)

o There is no known program in the country that provides for electronic processing

o Quorum, Election, Voting and Written Consent results are obtained easily

o It’s easy to use, saves time, labor and the reduction or elimination of stress is immeasurable.


o CMI is an educator and hosts seminars

o The program helps with registration and has an evaluation module that can be designed for any seminar

· CHETA (Certified Hawaii Events Tracking Advantage)

o CMI supports the community and hosts charity golf tournaments

o This program houses vendors, volunteers, etc.

o It provides the ability to produce forms, letters, table or cart cards, signs, etc.

o And best of all, a scoring program enables us to enter data and display team results

· GTS (Global Tracking System)

o This program is to track the status of annual association budgets from the start to the mailing date

o There were 4 departments that tracked their progress independently but now it’s all in one

o This provides a clearly picture and accurate view of the company’s status using one program

Naomi Suzuki, A-Team®
Vice-President, Customer Service

An Associa® Company
3179 Koapaka Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819-5199


Date: 9/20/10

I started working on a concept with Jay Inafuku to help my office (Vocational Management Consultants, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors) 3 years ago when I finally felt that we could finance a system of writing reports on our clients more efficiently. The system would make the billing and the process of writing reports less cumbersome and less time wasted by trying to decipher our staff’s handwriting. I knew how it was to have such a system; I just did not know how to go about it.

Jay and his staff were able to put the system together after working closely with me and my staff. The system went “live” in March of 2010, and we have worked through the “learning curve” but since Jay was always getting us to play with the system throughout the process, I believe the “learning curve” time period was not as difficult as we initially thought it would be.
For non-computer techies such as we were, the system now has reduced time spent on going back and forth to the case material, has moved us to document our cases better and considerably reduced time spent on billing and handwriting issues. We have reduced HOURS of work doing the verification of the billing and we now can spend more time on the important stuff like doing our work efficiently and getting home on time and being with our families.

Now that can’t be beat! Thank you Jay and MPower!!


Laurie H. Hamano, M.Ed. CRC, MHC
President of Vocational Management Consultants Inc.


mPower Hawaii customized a data base using FileMaker Pro to assist us with managing and interfacing data from all parts of our business to improve efficiencies in our every day processes. These efficiencies allowed us to keep our labor expense to a minimum and gave all of us time to focus on servicing our clients. At times we were required to make adjustments to our system and customize it to meet our client's needs. mPower was there from the beginning, and every step of the way, allowing us to be flexible and efficient. From the daily connectivity between offices to customizing every last detail of our data base, they have been true partners, very professional, always reliable and forward thinking. Our business partnership was ideal, we were two business growing together and having much success collaborating as one. We were very fortunate to have mPower Hawaii as part of our team.

Marty Mullen
General Manager
Island Partners Hawaii
1995 - 2005


Community Service

At mPower Hawaii, we feel strongly about giving back to the community. We provide community service to many organizations and schools. We also team with our customers in various charity events.

For one of these events, mPower Hawaii was happy to be a sponsor and donate custom application support for the 2010 Shriners Hospitals for Children Inaugural Golf Tournament. Together we raised $38,000 to support the hospitals.

Shriners Golf Tournament