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If you already own FileMaker and wish to upgrade, expand additional licenses, or renew your existing licenses, contact us for a competitive price quote!

We recommend that our customers keep their Maintenance contracts current by renewing them each and every year. Why?

Here are 4 reasons why we strongly recommend FileMaker's Maintenance program:
1. Access new features and enhancements
2. Ensure budget simplicity
3. Control when and how you deploy
4. Make the most of your initial FileMaker investment

What is volume licensing?

Volume licensing is a discount program open to anyone purchasing 5 or more licenses of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced. Volume licensing saves you money and helps you get more out of your software investment than purchasing single user licenses.

What are the benefits of volume licensing?

Saves money. Receive volume discounts off standard prices.

Free software upgrades.

Volume licensing includes one year of Maintenance , a service that gives you a full year of free upgrades and updates. And at the end of the year you'll be able to renew your maintenance at a special, low price.

Makes installation and license management easy.

With volume licensing you'll get a single license key for all your copies of FileMaker Pro. No more tracking and managing a license key for every computer.

Education and non-profit organizations may purchase FileMaker products at a reduced price. See eligibility requirements for education or non-profit organizations.